Green Bay Christian Generosity Council
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  Our Green Bay Christian Generosity Council members are:

Neal Ewing (Chair), Rick Kindschi (Administrator), Cindie Ewing, Jim Case, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Rhonda Halron, Joel Hermann, Jim Klein, Terry Martell, Adam Maulick, Rodney Ott, Kal Overlien, Jim & Helen Panetti, Jenny Rohan and Heather Weininger.

  Goals and purpose
The key to our Generosity Council is a shared passion for helping others experience the same joy of generosity that we have. Our Council is a group of like-minded peers that meet several times a year to learn the latest trends and strategies in generosity, encourage each other in their journeys, and explore how to share the message of generosity with others. 


Mission and Vision
VISION: Thy kingdom come, they will be done. With our affection centered on things above then every action of our walking life is directored twoards ushering in and extending the Kingdom of God.

MISSION: We change lives and transform communities by increasing Biblical generosity through action and education.


A connection to a local NCF office 
Since 1982, NCF has grown to become one of America’s largest non-profits, helping individuals and families simplify their giving and multiply their impact. NCF Generosity Councils provide the guidance, structure, support, and resources needed for success. 

HEART: Why is Biblical generosity vitally important?
HEAD: How do we structure our charitable giving for maximum impact?
HANDS: Where do we contribute our time, talent, treasure and credibility?

  Simple, flexible vehicle
Unlike an NCF local affiliate office, a Generosity Council is just an informal gathering of peers. Instead of an independent organization, it's simple to start, doesn't require staff or a board of directors, and involves no administrative duties – thereby enabling the group's total focus on encouraging generosity. An NCF staff member is available to help as specific giving opportunities emerge, and the Council is flexible to meet local needs and allow for local creativity (agenda, number of meetings, degree of community involvement, etc.)
Multiply your impact
Can you imagine giving away a company earning $60+ million a year to charity? That’s exactly what Alan and Eric Barnhart of Barnhart Crane and Rigging did. Read on to discover why these brothers decided to use their company to invest in ... read more
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